What you will learn

Looking at the problems of slow 4D adoption, lower perceived 4D value and manual scheduling process, while considering what technology was available to help and understand that 3D designs were becoming more commonplace, led to a partnership between Elecosoft & industry experts in the CIMIC Group. Asking the question “what if we could actively use 3D design rather than passively use the design to only visualise?” resulted in the development of the Active 4D process as we now know it now.

A key part of unlocking the value from 4D is the knowledge that 3D design models have two components, the part you can see (3D geometry) and the part that you can’t see (3D metadata). Utilising both components from the start of the planning process and not the end opens great potential.

In this video you will find out more about:

  • Challenging accepted industry processes and thinking differently
  • Active 4D vs Passive 4D visualisation
  • 3D design = 3D geometry + 3D metadata
  • Using 3D design to improve data integrity & increase automation
  • How Active 4D can generate results in days not weeks
  • Our collaborative and immersive 4D planning environment
  • How Active 4D can greatly improve engagement with the planning process, increase team buy in and reduce project delivery risks for the industry and its stakeholders

Active 4D Planning

Active 4D Planning is fundamentally different processes from 4D Visualisation that is supported by market leading technology and has a promising roadmap that will unlock more value for the construction industry in the future.

4D planning

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