First pass schedule automation

Turnaround tenders faster by accelerating project collaboration through model validation and project simulation saving you time and margin on your projects.

Visualise key project movements

Cutting plane support allow users to pinpoint and expose focal points during 4D simulations like interior work or slicing a tunnel to communicate build sequence.

Coordinate site logistics

Easily position and show the movement of site-objects during a timeline simulation to support schedule rationale and identify health and safety issues.

Access model property information

Unlock a wealth of meta data housed within models so you can utilise this data when building your schedules.

IP protection

Protect your BIM IP and competitive edge when sharing a project with 3rd parties.

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Customer testimonials

“Minsur doesn’t have the time or resources to generate 4D schedules as the main construction programming, but with Asta Powerproject we found a perfect complement which was easy to use and highly effective.”

Carlos Peñaloza, Minsur

“We always have lots of as-built records and drawings on paper and marked-up – we could now take that information, put it into the 4D BIM model, and gain a 3D representation of that information to see it more clearly. It instantly becomes easier to see both what is planned, and what has happened, in one place.”

Ibrahim Patel Galliford Try

“Linking programme tasks to model data is very simple with Asta Powerproject 4D.”

Tim Huxtable, Laing O’Rourke