Asta Powerproject is used by construction and production directors from home builders, both large and small for scheduling their build programs.
These are just some of the reasons why they choose Asta Powerproject:

Easy to use

You can start scheduling fast with an easy to use, homebuilder specific template. It mirrors the way you work on real build projects and has a familiar Microsoft style interface.

View the webinar below and see for yourself how homebuilders use Asta Powerproject.

Asta Powerproject-multi-homes-per-line

View multiple home builds on one screen

Bar charts can show build stages for each unit on the same row, allowing you to view multiple home builds on one screen. It gives you visibility across all projects enabling you to spot delays and take action so you can speed up completion rates to meet targets.

Minimize delays in the upstream planning

Monitor pre-build activities such as materials procurement and planning permission within your plans. Including other departments in the process allows you to minimize any setbacks to the build start date.

Asta Powerproject-line-of-balance

Optimize work flow with Line of Balance

Line of Balance is a technique to optimize the flow of resources through work locations. Each activity is assigned a “Stage-of-work” (or Build Stage) and a “Location”. A graph can then be displayed of the stages-of-work by location over time. Watch a webinar

Asta Powerproject-progress-from-site

Easily capture progress from site

Asta SiteProgress is an app that can be used to update progress as you walk around site.This automated system reduces update times and input errors. Progress updates are automatically updated back into the main plan in Asta Powerproject.

Asta Powerproject-sorted-by-sub

Streamline management of sub-contractors

Produce job sheets by pulling out a sub-section of the plan sorted by sub-contractor showing tasks and deadlines. This can then be easily communicated to each sub-contractor via email. It also enables you to forward plan when different types of skills are required for the build, such as carpenters, plasterers and bricklayers.

Asta Powerproject-quality-reporting

Keep people informed with high quality reports

It is easy to communicate plans effectively when you can print out top quality reports in seconds. You can also customise the view of a project for different managers.

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