Project schedule integration with Procore

Send your latest schedule to your company or clients Procore platform directly within Asta Powerproject

Simple one click updates from within Asta Powerproject

The only planning and scheduling software with a direct integration with Procore from within our application making it easy to send the latest schedule.

Compatible with Asta Enterprise

Allow your planners to collaborate in real time through Asta Enterprise then send the latest schedule to your company or client Procore platform.

Improved communication of resourcing needs

Automated distribution of look-ahead schedules enables project teams to access thier allocated tasks alongside other project information in one application.

Connecting teams

With integration between the Asta Powerproject schdule and Procore data all in the project team can easily view the latest detail such as daily tasks and charts.

Just export what is needed

You can choose to export the entire project, a subproject or a Asta Powerproject Enterprise project and only project changes or additions, rather than having to export the entire project each time.