Licencing and sales


When only one user needs the software. Intended for installation on a local computer. The licence can be moved between different computers.

When multiple users wants to share the software from your own company server environment. The program is installed on either a server or computer and the licence on a central server.

A safe rental solution for using our software, regardless of whether it concerns single or multiple users and are suitable for both small and large companies. It’s easy to get started and you do not have to contact an external IT consultant or IT department – all you need is a device with internet connection, install the driver and log in to start working. The connection speed requirements are low and it works well with, for example GPRS and 3G. Elecosoft guarantees a reliable server environment where backup are made several times a day and we also handle all software updates that you automatically get access to. You avoid investment costs in favour of a fixed monthly fee and the software allows everyone in your company that uses the program to share the same information quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are. This increases accessibility and facilitates for the mobile office.