Plugin downloads

O2CSetup.exe (recommended)
o2c-Player O2CSetup.exe: Installs in one step all available o2c-Browser-Plugins.




o2c-Player v2 for Firefox and Mozilla-based Browsers (included also in Setup above).




Old version: Installation is only possible, if no Player is present in the directory system32.




o2c directory for Powerpoint
With one Click you can create a Powerpoint presentation showing all o2c objects of a choosen directory with the complete o2c player functionality.

The makro “o2c-directory” can initially be used in the downloaded presentation only. To install it for your projects, do the following:
Start Powerpoint and open the downloaded presentation, if asked choose “Activate Makros”.

Choose Categorie “Macros”, the macro “o2c_directory” appears as a command. Click on it, drag and drop it to the Toolbar.
Note: The o2c-Objects may not be visible in the editing Mode.



Requirements for o2c, Version 2 and higher

Whilst viewing o2c models with the old Player was good, the new player has the advantage of using a 3D-grahics card to improve the viewing speed and display quality of the 3D model. With Windows XP, DirectX 9.x and GDIplus are installed. Should this not happen on older Windows systems then proceed as follows: Install DirectX 9.x for your operating system and then delete the file O2CPlayer.ocx from the directory windows/system32.

If unsure do a search for this file. Re-install the player by visiting If GDIplus is not present then this will install automatically. If you still have problems viewing o2c-Objects, then it is possible that your current graphics card does not support DirectX. You will need to contact your graphics card manufacturer for the current version of the driver. Go to your Start menu, select Run, enter dxdiag then press the OK button. This will tell you which DirectX version you have installed and whether the graphics card driver supports the 3D-functions of DirectX.