COVID-19 response

Date of last update: September 23rd 2020

The initiatives taken by employees in every business unit of the Eleco plc Group earlier this year made vital contribution to our dealing successfully with the unprecedented disruption to our operations threatened by the Covid-19 outbreak. The thorough planning, initiative, and rapid response of our employees meant that within less than two weeks all our business units had mobilised to working remotely. Where necessary we switched to the online delivery of training, consultancy and support services to our customers.

We continue to operate successfully with the majority of our colleagues working from home.

We have reinstated classroom on site training in prepared rooms in the UK, Sweden and Germany. Tailoring our training environment to ensure that delegates work within a safe distance from each other. We have installed commercial hand sanitising stations and introduced a number of rules and systems for moving around Company premises to maintain social distancing. The wellbeing of our employees and visitors is paramount.

In addition, our training and consultancy employees are now able to visit customers to provide assistance where required, subject to appropriate measures being in place for the protection of all concerned.

We are continually monitoring and responding to regional government advice.