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Learn how the Carey Group increased project control with Powerproject Vision

Powerproject VisionPowerproject®Webinar

This webinar will give an introduction to the Powerproject Vision module.

Powerproject Vision is a web-based portal designed for organisations with multiple dispersed Powerproject users who need a controlled programme management environment to deliver consistency and transparency. Register for this webinar to see how the Carey Group have been using it for greater transparency and consistency with a brief overview of the key functionality of Powerproject Vision including:

  • Highly configurable centralised file management and storage of Powerproject schedules
  • Accessibility via any web-browser and from within the Powerproject software
  • Project planning workflow enforcement, controlling project creation, review, approval, baselines and amendments
  • Version control and change management
  • Storing of approved project templates
  • Automated business intelligence data extraction across all files
  • Ability to structure according to company organisation, such as regions, business units or divisions