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Accelerate and extend your staircase design and production with Staircon


Learn how stair manufacturers are improving their profitability by using Staircon for a simplified and cost-effective production of stairs.

Join our free webinar and see how Staircon helps you to:

  • Design standard stairs quickly and easily.
  • Use flexible design features for the design and production of more advanced staircases.
  • Modify design into many shapes, giving you a large range of design possibilities to bring your designs to life and show your customer the staircase they envision in a 3D view.
  • Optimise production flow with automated CNC output.

GL Joinery increased its production capacity by 275% by using Staircon, CEO Gary Lamming says: “Now we can do everything in-house, from straightforward jobs to spiral staircases, glass staircases and floating staircases. And the turnaround time is much quicker; before Staircon we were fitting around 3-4 staircases per week. Now we’re fitting 15.”