Project management software specifically designed to support the building lifecycle

Asta Powerproject makes planning easy. With intuitive scheduling, 4D BIM integration, a mobile app, and resource management features, it is used on projects of all sizes, empowering better project outcomes.

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Why choose Asta Powerproject?

Planning construction projects may be complex, but your software does not have to be complicated. Take a free trial and see why thousands of construction professionals choose Asta Powerproject.

  • It is intuitive, easy to learn so you can get started quickly.
  • Easily create your project plan
  • Run scenarios to assess feasibility of execution and find the best solutions
  • Manage simple tasks or highly complex megaprojects
  • Display repeated tasks on one row
  • Produce filters for sub-contractors
  • Create reports and presentations easily
  • Shared licensing, multiple users can share licenses making Asta Powerproject very cost-effective.

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