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Asta innovations will drive companies at the forefront of construction

In 2023, Elecosoft made a big decision: to bring back the Asta brand to our business. 

The Asta name has always been used and respected by Elecosoft customers, but reinstating it was more than just a rebranding process.  

Reintroducing Asta has enabled Elecosoft to combine five solutions in a single portfolio: 

  • Asta Powerproject 
  • Asta Vision   
  • Asta Enterprise   
  • Asta SiteProgress   
  • Asta Connect 

Now, we’ve embarked on significant upgrades to help Asta users get the most from this portfolio and stay at the forefront of the construction industry.  

New modules and online services added to Asta Powerproject  

Our first major milestone since the rebrand has been launching an updated version of Asta Powerproject (Version 17) in July.  


Version 17 simplifies how customers can get the most from Asta Powerproject. We’ve added greater collaboration and sharing capabilities, including:  

  • A new project timeline control panel for creating key task overviews. 
  • The ability to break down tasks into several activities, which individual users can check off when complete. 
  • New task management functions for project managers – for example, weighting the importance of each task to track overall progress as actions are completed. 
  • A brand-new module that allows teams to work on programmes together in real-time, providing instant digital feedback on projects (available soon). 
  • Customers can now use Asta’s global library management module to create centralised project templates for smoother workflows and improved compliance (available soon). 

Here’s a full list of updates we’ve made in the latest version.  

Future development will focus on customer outcomes    

While Version 17 will help companies improve project collaboration, Asta Powerproject is just one piece of the puzzle. For maximum value, construction firms need to use the entire Asta portfolio.  

In a recent RICS report, 44% of building companies struggle to realise the benefits of digital construction processes and practices. Creating the Asta portfolio will enable construction firms to extract more value from their software. 

Grouping our solutions has changed Elecosoft’s mindset. Rather than developing individual technologies, we’re helping our customers to achieve the best outcomes using features from every Asta product.  

Investing in the entire portfolio empowers construction companies to plan, track and deliver projects to a consistently high standard. That’s because Asta enables businesses to:  

  • Connect strategic and on-site teams to improve communication and collaboration. 
  • Introduce visual planning tools such as 3D modelling and 4D planning.  
  • Centralise programme data so everyone involved can access accurate information. 
  • Create digital workflows that maintain standards and improve productivity. 
  • Extract vital insights to maximise results. 

Asta’s connected approach is already driving improvements  

Customers using multiple Asta solutions are already reaping the benefits of a joined-up approach.  

For example, UK project management and construction delivery services company, MiCiM Ltd, has reduced its planning and reporting time by 20% using Asta 

MiCiM Ltd has combined the power of Asta Powerproject, Asta Vision and Asta Powerproject 4D to enhance planning and scheduling, achieve complete visibility of its entire portfolio, and standardise programme management.  

“Together, Asta Powerproject, Asta Vision and Asta Powerproject 4D have given us improved visualisation, better coordination, increased accuracy and stronger communications,” says Bengisu Uygur, Planning Manager at MiCiM Ltd. “This has helped us to improve project outcomes and on-time, on-budget delivery.” 

Read more on how MiCiM Ltd uses the Asta portfolio to deliver exceptional blue-chip construction projects. 

Evolve your construction software to meet ever-shifting industry demands  

Just as construction techniques constantly evolve, so should construction software. Elecosoft has embraced change by creating the Asta portfolio, and investing in our software will help your organisation to meet ever-shifting industry demands.   

Our company is on a mission to perfect planning and project controls. Releasing Asta Powerproject Version 17 is the latest step towards delivering even greater outcomes for our customers. 


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