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Asta Powerproject: using project management software to meet Housing Association targets

Targets are a great way to measure progress. But they can also indicate when an industry is in difficulty—as the social housing sector can attest.

Rising demand and declining budgets have made it harder and harder for housing associations to meet their targets.

Achieving more with less money seems like an impossible equation. But project management software can help housing associations work quicker and more efficiently.

Keep reading to discover how better programme management can drive measurable success. We’ll discuss the following:

  • Why the social housing sector is under pressure
  • Why budget constraints can’t impact housing quality
  • How project management software supports cost-effective construction
  • How the same software can improve building maintenance

Social housing: a sector under pressure

The UK is in a national housing crisis. The country must build 340,000 new homes annually until 2031 to keep pace with demand. Yet the government is falling short of its current housebuilding targets.

The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities still needs to meet building targets set in 2021. And the shortage of affordable homes has increased the demand for social renting. Councils in England have spent more than £6.2 billion on temporary housing in the past six years alone.

The only way to get back on track with affordable housing targets is to build as many new homes as possible as quickly as possible. But with funding tight, housing associations need to launch cost-effective building programmes.

Cutting costs without compromising on quality

Building more homes on a tight budget is not the only challenge for UK housing associations. In recent years, building safety standards have come into the spotlight. Nobody wants a repeat of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. And it’s not just high-rise cladding regulations.

New initiatives are encouraging housing associations to improve building safety across the board. For example, building a Safer Future recently launched its assessment pathway for reducing risk in social housing.

Housing Associations benchmark their building safety culture, processes and procedures. Any organisations that pass the assessment will be given Building a Safer Future Champion status.

So, how can housing associations enhance safety standards while on strict spending limits? Construction project management software like Asta Powerproject could provide the solution.

Making savvy project management choices

Programme management software is commonplace in commercial construction, but not in social housing. Some housing associations think they can’t justify spending on new technologies. But the benefits quickly outweigh the expense.

Project management software can help organisations meet targets by providing:

  • Financial accountability: track project costs, monitor cash flow and create detailed reports. Asta Powerproject provides financial visibility to reduce the risk of cost overruns.
  • Regulatory compliance: complete risk assessments and incorporate quality control checks. Asta Powerproject helps organisations to meet local and national social housing standards. It can also include accessibility and sustainability requirements.
  • Resource management: plan programmes in detail to ensure material resources and labour are used cost-effectively. Asta Powerproject keeps all stakeholders on the same page to avoid costly delays and mistakes.
  • Dynamic planning: adapt programmes and reallocate resources based on real-time data. Asta Powerproject’s mobile app, Asta SiteProgress, enables trades to provide daily feedback from the site.

A digital project management solution like Asta Powerproject improves communication, collaboration and coordination. Ensuring all team members are on the same page, working towards the same goal.

To learn more about construction software in affordable housing, read our blog: how to plan and manage a housing association project.

Using project management software to maintain social housing

Of course, it’s not only building projects that housing associations need to manage. Once construction is complete, they must maintain each property throughout its lifetime.

Property shortages put more pressure on housing associations to maintain their current stock. Sadly, we’ve seen the consequences of poor maintenance through cases like Awaab Ishak.

Government research has found that 1 in 5 social housing tenants are unhappy with how their home is maintained. The top issues were mould/damp/condensation, home insulation, ventilation, and electrical wiring.

It’s not just regular upkeep challenging housing associations. As our blog post on the Building Safety Act covered, regulation changes can impact property management. For example, updating unsafe cladding on high-risk properties has taken years. Now, housing associations are preparing for the Medium-Rise Cladding Scheme rollout.

Collating information through Asta Powerproject makes it easier to track building data. Our software can be used to build maintenance programmes and cross-check repair materials. It also gives housing associations a complete work record to prove they meet the latest guidelines.

Meet your housing association targets with Asta Powerproject

UK housing associations are balancing competing priorities while trying to meet changing guidelines. No wonder targets get missed. But every organisation’s ultimate goal is to build safe, affordable housing for vulnerable people.

A digital project management solution like Asta Powerproject gives housing associations the visibility to make cost-effective decisions. Ensuring more affordable homes are completed on budget and are well-maintained for future residents.

Try Asta Powerproject for free to see how our software helps organisations work smarter.

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