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Asta Powerproject was designed to support the way project planners work and has evolved over many years with input from our users to meet the requirements of the industry.

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Asta Powerproject BI

Business intelligence that empowers decision making

To empower decision making it is critical to understand how you are performing. Asta Powerproject provides reports and business intelligence functionality that delivers the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Asta Powerproject Integration

Easy integration with other software

Work directly with files from Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera within Asta Powerproject and redistribute the project in the format your client needs. What is more, Asta Powerproject seamlessly integrates with estimating applications such as Bidcon, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and BIM tools.

Programme Management

Simplified stakeholder management

Asta Powerproject simplifies your stakeholder management regardless of where you are in your project journey. Register for an upcoming webinar to see how Asta Powerproject can support you throughout the construction lifecycle.

What’s new

Asta Powerproject 16 release

This latest release of Asta Powerproject introduces a range of enhancements that continue the evolution of the software based on customer feedback including: a user interface refresh, schedule quality checking, upgraded shape library, improvements to booking in and out data and a new calendar view for tasks.

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New release Asta SiteProgress

Asta SiteProgress has been rewritten to incorporate more functionality. These changes improve the user experience and streamline the reporting of project progress with new features including the ability to progress by a quantity, to edit or annotate photos and to add new tasks to the programme remotely and navigating and grouping tasks to identify activities that need urgent attention.

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Asta Powerproject listed on the G-Cloud 11

The G-Cloud 11 framework is focused on connecting public sector buyers in the UK with qualified suppliers of cloud-based services. Asta Powerproject (SaaS), IconSystem and ShireSystem, are listed on the Crown Commercial Service’s (“CCS”) digital marketplace.

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Core features

Supports the way that you work

Asta Powerproject puts you in control, letting you tailor the project plan to suit your audience using customisable views, simple printing, and powerful reports. See the relevant information throughout the project lifecycle to ensure data is presented clearly and adapted to your needs.

Adaptable layouts to suit your style of planning

Plan your project in the style that suits you. Build compact schedules by displaying multiple tasks and overlapping activities on the same line to represent construction stages. Or add hierarchies by grouping tasks into sub-projects, phases, or trades to help summarise and present your plan clearly.

Project communication made easy, including free viewer

Work seamlessly with others, using project data book in/book out to engage with subcontractors or communicate progress updates to stakeholders via filters, codes, and annotations. Download the free project viewer to make sharing and accessing the latest plans easy.

Improve project outcomes with scenario simulations

Asta Powerproject allows you to develop multiple ‘what if’ scenarios to explore the best outcome for your project; whether that is comparing different methods of construction or finding ways to accelerate project delivery, Asta Powerproject clearly displays the evidence needed to communicate your plans.

Maintain visibility of costs

Cost and time go hand-in-hand. Manage both together in Asta Powerproject, analysing budgeted costs, planned costs and actual costs all against time. Model cost data using man-hours, quantity, fixed and variable rates. Report on earned value and maintain change history over time.

Manage resources across your programme

Make the complex management of people, plant, and materials simple with easy, visually clear steps. See who is needed against a view of their existing commitments. Balance availability, quantity and effort to maintain schedule and budget. Manage multiple variables including different shift patterns, work rates, overtime, and skills.

Check compliance against industry/ company standards

The Schedule Quality Check in Asta Powerproject runs checks against your plan to identify compliance against industry or company standards. You can determine the parameters of your own checks or use the pre-configured industry metrics developed in partnership with the DCMA and CIOB.

Mitigate risks in your plan

A built-in risk analysis tool assesses project risks to create more accurate and attainable schedules that keep to time and budget. Identify tasks most likely to cause delays or cost overruns; and assess the likelihood of a project finishing on a particular date, of costing a certain amount or of generating a set income.

Protect against litigation with evidence

Multiple progress period tracking and unlimited baselines make capturing and recording snapshots of actual progress against the original project plan possible over time; providing a complete picture of the projects evolution to provide the answers and evidence needed to overcome project performance challenges or disputes.

Customer testimonials

“Anybody can write a simple programme, but Asta Powerproject links all the elements of the project and creates a strategy. This is invaluable when you need to demonstrate to the stakeholders of the construction project what an impact, positive or negative, any small change to the schedule or specification could have.”

Andrew McTavish, Kier

“It’s now quick and easy for our construction directors not just to generate a programme and customise it, but one that can be organic and evolve week by week as it is progressed. We can always see how far we are ahead, or behind, using a jagged progress line which is easy to understand.”

Nick Farrington, Bloor Homes

“Asta Vision now helps us see how close we are to that across all projects, based on contractual milestones and internal progress indicators, keeping a clear view of planned and actual completion percentages.”

Derek O’Neil, Carey Group

“Asta Powerproject is one of the most flexible programme management software solutions.”

Ben Tominey, Bouygues UK

“Our project teams are using Asta Powerproject because it’s user-friendly and performs like other Windows systems – it is more straight-forward to use than some other project management applications.”

Brendan Moley, Mac Group

“Digital construction is changing how we deliver and manage projects, and that’s a good thing. Tools like the Asta SiteProgress app help us to take people out from behind desks, marking up progress on drawings or schedules, to managing the work on site – which is exactly where we want them.”

Damien Gallagher, John Sisk & Son

“Linking programme tasks to model data is very simple with Asta Powerproject 4D.”

Tim Huxtable, Laing O'Rourke

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