Manage sub-contractors effectively

Tender enquiries can be quickly sent to multiple suppliers, trade by trade or work package by work package. Replies are uploaded to allow for detailed comparison and improved decision-making.

Core features

What’s new in Version 2020.1

A refreshed user interface

Bidcon 2020.1 has an updated user interface, redesigned using a similar colour scheme and appearance to other products from Elecosoft, such as Powerproject. We have also introduced a new tab-based menu, so users have easier access to menu options for common programme functions.

Publish estimates directly to the web

Upload your estimates to the cloud with Bidcon Connect. Using this add-on module, you allow authorised users to view estimates directly in the web browser, without having Bidcon installed. Explore the Estimate Sheets and the Object Summary.

Improved permissions

This latest version enables Bidcon administrators to more easily manage user access permissions on a selected folder within the project explorer or the estimate itself.

Core features

Import and export function

Easily import data from Excel such as BoQs, customer cost libraries, suppliers’ price lists. Export data to various formats including XML and Excel.

Global search and filter

Global search and filter functions against all Bidcon data elements aid analysis and ad-hoc reporting for all stages of the estimating process.

Define user accounts/ access

Specify user account access and security levels via customisable settings for both system settings and estimates.

Build your own cost libraries

Create your own cost libraries or import from Excel. The Bidcon cost library supports a multi-layered capability, from the low level and individual resource elements such as labour, plant, materials and sub-contractors through to more complex build-ups. Spon’s price books can be added as an additional subscription.

In-built templates to reduce human error

Use templates to streamline the estimating process, decrease the setup time and produce accurate and consistent estimates.

Customer testimonials

“Bidcon provides us with the security of knowing that everything is taken into account and nothing is falling between the cracks. You constantly find new ways to work smarter if you let Bidcon do the job.”

Jörgen, Furniture Consulting AB

“As soon as we learned there was a quantities package that could support BIM, our ears pricked up. We asked what form of output it produced and the answer came back as NRM1 and NRM2.”

David Chapell, Head of Cost Management, Clarkson Alliance

Choose the best option for you or your business

Individual Enterprise Demo
Single user licence

Simplest licence, purchased upfront and installed onto a single Windows PC.

Concurrent licence

A cost-effective way of letting users share licences to reduce overall costs.


Single user licences available as an on-premises subscription or as a SaaS/cloud-hosted option giving access from multiple platforms.


Shared real-time access to projects, sharing of project resources, integration with other business-critical systems and visibility of all projects.


Alternatively, a licence can be taken on a subscription basis allowing an individual user access of the software on a number of platforms (minimum term six months).


Book a one-to-one demo with one of our experts so you can see the software in action and ask questions to see if it is the right choice for your needs.