Customisable interface

The software has a range customisation options from user prompts, layouts and menus that seamlessly integrate into your websites. Modifying the presentation of your product range is just one of the many features available to simplify the process of designing your personalised user interface. Further personalise the software using specific modules.

Design installation module

For floor coverings or ceramic tile, Interiorstudio offers a large variety of installation patterns by default, which can be expanded via the Design Installation Module. Installation patterns can be composed of any number of different products.

3D CAD export

The 3D CAD export feature is suitable for professional users such as architects and interior designers. Enter dimensions (length and width) of the floor covering surface to be installed, select the suitable 3D format and export the installed floor/wall surface as a 3D file.

Product version module

This module combines all of the different versions of a product exactly as referenced in your catalogues and price lists. Whether it’s different dimensions or chamfer versions, with one mouse click users can edit or change products directly in the room photo.

Core features

Predefined customer style guides

The style guide defines aesthetic specifications for material or colour combinations. Determine which surface materials can be combined with which colour or other material types on the style sheet to guide your customer to their final purchase.

Smart object configuration

Clicking on the floor or wall view to bring up a list of the suitable surface materials. You can replace these in the room with the click of a mouse and combine various products in the configurable areas.

Perspective zoom

For room scenarios with many product configurations or to highlight special product details and combinations, the Perspective Zoom feature allows the placement of additional detail views in the room photo. For the Perspective Zoom, the selected product or product combination is represented from different perspectives or in different lighting situations and displayed separately in a new window.

Intuitive product selection by colour scheme

Offer your customer product selection using the colour slider until the displayed product range matches their design. The software saves predetermined colour schemes, load them in advance and save them to your profile to improve your customer experience.

Full text item search

The full text item search is an indispensable tool for comprehensive product assortments to create filters and product lists via key words, item numbers, etc. and across product groups.

Social media links

Interiorstudio has an inbuilt share to social media function to enable your customers to share their chosen product or room combination photo with family and friends.

Inbuilt forms

Whether it be customer feedback, product requests or surveys, forms provide a number of ways of contacting potential customers, or intensifying contact with existing customers. The form feature enables all kinds of forms to be integrated from your software with your website.

Automated calculations

Quickly and easily calculate material quantity and accessories for floors and walls based on area sizes added to Interiorstudio.

Editable image library

Create a bespoke image library within Interiorstudio and use your scanned product photos and rendered gallery photos to showcase your full product range.

Complement your software with the following services



Our image rendering service saves you from having to set up a photo shoot for each and every product in your catalogue to create images for your marketing or sales collateral. One image has many possibilities, from a single source file we can showcase all of your flooring options using state-of-the-art 3D image editing technology. From inserting different flooring types to changing layout patterns once created you can view from different perspectives.

Obsolete or out of fashion room elements such as furniture or curtains can be edited and exchanged without the need to create an entirely new virtual room.


We help customers generate true-to-life images scanned directly from actual products using state-of-the-art high-tech scanner to capture three-dimensional product properties. For us, high-quality means precisely replicating shades, structures, and surface qualities of an actual product as product image. We capture grain, glossy areas, 3D depth.

Our specialised scanning team has many years experience and has supported over xxx companies in generating high quality product images. Whether it’s for a product catalogue or marketing documents, whether they’re online, offline or in print ActiveScan provides an opportunity to increase your product presentation quality. Conventional product photo shoots virtually become obsolete our service can be tailored to your exact resolution and colour requirements.

Materialo Cloud

Store your digital data in logical pools with the Materialo Cloud service. The centralised storage facility makes your collections instantly available to interior designers, painters, floor layers and retailers so you and your customers always have the latest collections to hand. The Cloud storage benefits are maximised when used with several Materialo services.

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