Created for trade and manufacturing retailers, Materialo connects the benefits of online visualisation and local consultation at the point of sale to showcase room ideas. As a complete interior display package, render flooring styles, wall coverings, colours, materials, patterns, colours and fabric options in your customers room scenes using AR, AI or VR views.

Bring your flooring catalogue to life with AI

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature visualises flooring from your catalogue in any customer room photo in just three seconds. Simply take a photo of the room, upload and watch the photo transform. The tool automatically recognises floor area and simulates the new flooring option with a high degree of precision.

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Augment reality with your products

The Materialo Augmented Reality (AR) feature overlays digital content and information onto the physical world. Display fabrics, floors, wallpapers and even window coverings in 3D interiors on your iPad. This feature brings an interactive element to your showroom, impress your customers, and show them what their choices will look like in their own homes on screen.

Put your customer into a virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) completely immerses your customer into a computer-generated world. Wearing a VR headset, you can guide your customers through realistic room settings and let customers compare their favourite items, change surfaces and even entire pieces of furniture or objects.

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Learn & Support

The Materialo support package includes technical, installation and activation support, access to our help desk, web-based tutorials, and forums. Our support services are complemented by our wide range of classroom or online training to ensure you get the most from your software.

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