Convert potential customers into actual customers

The realistic visualisation of fabrics, paints and materials plays an important role in the decision-making process. By creating realistic images that display all ranges and options, Materialo streamlines the presentation process so customers can see exactly what their choices will look like in reality.

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Realistic Decision-making Tool

There are three main factors that determine how well this decision-making tool actually works: realism – how realistic is the image? Selection – does it actually show all the options? User-friendliness – how quickly and easily does the presentation tool work?

Intuitive design

Our intuitive software is quick to learn and easy navigate. With just a few clicks customers can compare favourites directly from your product catalogue. This makes Materialo one of the most effective ways to use visualisation technology to convert potential clients into real-life customers.

Cross-media sales platform

One special advantage is the html5-compatible materialo® solution, which users can use on all types of tablet PCs. It works on all operating systems, while different solutions are required for IOS, Android, Windows etc. for native apps.

Core features

Website plugins for easy image transfer

Upload images from the Materialo image library directly into your website and easily display a full range of products on your website or online shop. Product images and current collections are all securely available in Materialo Cloud.

Inbuilt QR code reader

Recognise and extract QR code data to collect and store fabric, flooring or wallpaper samples on the go. Information is saved into a favourites folder to upload to Materialo in-room visualisation.

Responsive layouts for desktop and mobile

For flexible presentation and management, Materialo is compatible with a wide range of devices, maximising the effectiveness of your visualisations both on-site and remotely.

Complement your software with the following services

Materialo Cloud

Store your digital data in logical pools with the Materialo Cloud service. The centralised storage facility makes your collections instantly available to interior designers, painters, floor layers and retailers so you and your customers always have the latest collections to hand. The Cloud storage benefits are maximised when used with several Materialo services.
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Image processing

We help customers generate true-to-life images scanned directly from actual products using state-of-the-art high-tech scanner to capture three-dimensional product properties. For us, high-quality means precisely replicating shades, structures, and surface qualities of an actual product as product image. We capture grain, glossy areas, 3D depth.

Our specialised scanning team has many years experience and has supported over xxx companies in generating high quality product images. Whether it’s for a product catalogue or marketing documents, whether they’re online, offline or in print ActiveScan provides an opportunity to increase your product presentation quality. Conventional product photo shoots virtually become obsolete our service can be tailored to your exact resolution and colour requirements.

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