ShireSystem is a scalable, combined CMMS/ CAFM software used globally across the aviation, automotive, healthcare, education, food and drink manufacturing, industrial and retail sectors, handling thousands of facilities and maintenance operations and activities every day.

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Manage your equipment availability and compliance

ShireSystem supports industries with regulatory requirements such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. The software enables safety risk assessments, audits, and inventory management controls including Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) to be managed from a central database and the asset register helps manage your equipment availability efficiently.

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Move your business to preventative maintenance

The scheduling feature provisions for predictive and preventative maintenance based on triggers, usage, and condition data. Activate jobs by date or suppress Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) jobs if something urgent arises.

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Empower your workforce on the go

Our mobile app allows your teams to track and maintain assets both on and offline, eliminating paper admin and ensuring consistent, accurate, data. Control and manage stock and inventory whilst also having the ability to tag new or existing assets and locations. Seamlessly integrate data with the core system at the touch of a button wherever you are.

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Five key factors to consider when choosing a CMMS/CAFM solution

When choosing CMMS or CAFM software there are several aspects you should consider to ensure you choose a system that is right for your business both for now and also in the longer term. This is an outline of the key points to keep in mind when choosing a vendor.

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ShireSystem core modules

ShireSystem is a leading software solution for maintaining and controlling assets. Its modular solution grows with your business: customers install an initial base software and tailor it to their needs with the following core modules:

Maintenance Management module

Maintenance planning increases the longevity of your company assets. Avoid costly, unexpected, repairs and budget for replacing equipment and parts before problems occur so costs can be far better controlled. Operations run more efficiently using ShireSystem to assign work resources for separate entities such as locations, systems, categories, departments and even contacts. Work can be grouped: preventive, corrective, inspections to breakdowns. Track work orders, schedule maintenance tasks, record meter readings, create checklists, and record asset history.

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Work Requester module

This multi-user module allows requesters to submit and track requests and receive change notifications actioned by the maintenance team. Once submitted and approved, requests are escalated to work orders and scheduled into the team’s workload. Increase visibility of maintenance activities and improve efficiency by streamlining your reactive work processes.

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Stock and Inventory module

The module lets users control and maintain stock levels and manage equipment availability efficiently and to organise and monitor movement at each stage of the receipt / storage / issue and return cycle whilst maintaining quality compliance. Conduct periodic and rolling stocktakes, as well as controlling serialised and perishable items prior to issue.

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Purchasing module

This module is a full purchase order lifecycle management system that streamlines the procurement of goods and services. Purchase orders can be controlled from requisitions and quotations through to order fulfilment and invoice. Expenditure can be controlled with purchase approval limits applied at user level and authorisation controls applied based on the value of the purchase.

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Learn & Support

ShireSystem support includes technical, installation and activation support, access to our help desk, web-based tutorials, and forums. Our support services are complemented by our wide range of classroom or online training to ensure you get the most from your software.

Customer stories

ShireSystem puts Cambs Farms Growers top of the crops
Salad and vegetable producer, Cambs Farms Growers, is increasing its operational capabilities by improving asset maintenance. The agricultural company is using ShireSystem by Elecosoft to...
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Cheers! Broxburn Bottlers toasts future asset reliability thanks to ShireSystem
Story in 30 seconds: Broxburn Bottlers wanted greater efficiency in its asset maintenance programme, to deliver a reliable bottling service for internationally renowned drinks brands....
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Choose the best option for you or your business

Individual Business Free trial
Single User subscription

Simplest licence for one user, installed onto a single Windows PC or Server.

£488.00 per annum

excludes VAT
SaaS licence

Single user licences available as a SaaS/cloud-hosted option giving access from multiple platforms.

£671.00 per annum

excludes VAT
Multi User Subscription

Licence for five users, installed onto your own infrastructure.

£1373.00 per annum

excludes VAT 
The price includes 12 months of technical support.
SaaS Multi-licence

Available for 5 users as a SaaS/cloud-hosted option giving access from multiple platforms.

£1888.00 per annum

excludes VAT 
The price includes 12 months of technical support.

Shared real-time access to projects, sharing of project resources for maintenance and facility professionals in any range of industries.

Trial licence

We offer a free 30 day trial licence, the trial version is functionally identical to the full version, unrestricted in use and valid for 30 days.