The use of API’s has risen over the past decade, to the extent that many of the most popular web applications would not be possible without the existence of APIs.
The importance of integration between systems has surged within many companies, simply because this allows them to build a “single source of truth”, remain connected, optimise workflows across systems and increase data availability.

The following describes the benefits of using the ShireSystem API:

Improve Collaboration

The ShireSystem API enables integration between company platforms and apps so they can seamlessly communicate with each other. Through this integration, companies have the possibility to automate workflows and improve collaboration through data availability.

Improve innovation

ShireSystem’s API allows your company to make connections with new systems and enable your digital transformation program to be driven speedily and effectively.

Standards based

Providing REST based API’s in ShireSystem ensures your integration teams will be familiar with how it works and how to integrate. Integration costs are minimised and project risks mitigated.

Extensive list of calls

ShireSystem’s API provides calls to and from ShireSystem to allow access to all commonly required functions and datasets between your systems.

Fully documented

ShireSystem provides fully documented examples using Swagger, so that your workflows and data maps can be designed quickly and easily completed. Reducing integration time and providing maximum project success.

Added Security

While access to documentation is publicly provided, access to the ShireSystem API gateway is fully secured. The keys used to secure the API create a layer of protection between your data and the server, which in return mitigates risk of data loss or security breach.