Food and drink manufacturing companies such as Sundown Products Limited and Broxburn Bottlers rely on ShireSystem to reduce machine downtime, increase insight and apply diagnostic learnings across production lines, all of which is enhances the profitability of their manufacturing process.

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Compliance and Audit

Well-maintained machinery is safer for staff to use, and ShireSystem manages asset health throughout its lifecycle, from installation through to decommissioning. Any changes or updates made to assets are centrally documented through ShireSystem, providing a digital audit trail for both reporting incidents and proving that your assets are compliant with safety regulations and sustainability targets.

For each asset type and each task type it is possible to put in place a standard set of steps or workflows to ensure a common approach across an organisation. This underpins the ability to comply with certain certifications or regulations and also assures quality of service delivery.

360 Visibility

ShireSystem is regularly used for digital inventory management. Prior to starting work on a workorder, you workforce will know exactly what they are being tasked to do (preventative or reactive work) and so will know which spare parts they will need and from where those items are available so that their efficiency and resulting asset up-time are optimised. Additionally, the ability to manage and order stock via mobile devices provides significant time and efficiency savings for reactive work.

The ability for ShireSystem to manage the stock levels and purchasing cycles ensures that the right amounts of spare parts are available at the right time. Automated notifications of low stock can optimise supply chain efficiency – and the integration of stock and purchasing modules in ShireSystem can be used to interface to corporate purchasing systems via API’s in order to create a single source of truth to aid cost management and management information.

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Performance Analytics

Many maintenance or facilities management teams struggle to gain an accurate overview of their workload, which leads to critical work requests slipping down the schedule. By managing maintenance through ShireSystem, your company gains complete visibility over all outstanding work requests and routine maintenance tasks, to help you optimise workforce schedules and their effectiveness, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing production up-time

Analysing data from the system provides vital information on equipment as well as shift performance and maintenance history, allowing your teams to identify trends and potential issues way before they happen in order to extend the lifespan of assets and reduce costly breakdowns.

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