ShireSystem Mobile Pro is built for the mobile maintenance team, enabling you to be truly on-the-go with your maintenance operations and manage your work orders at the touch of a button.

An app that truly puts you in control of your workforce

ShireSystem Mobile Pro is built for mobile maintenance teams who need to manage planned preventative and corrective maintenance, breakdowns, and ad hoc work on the go. The modular mobile application can also allow you manage your stock and gives you the ability to create new assets, enabling total control over your maintenance operations and workforce, saving you time and money. Recording of meters for usage-based maintenance has never been simpler.

Mobile Pro Work Orders

Mobile users have access to a wealth of work order information and functionality including documents, parts, labour costs, meter readings and images. Job sign-off is straightforward and can be initiated by optionally scanning a barcode and recording dates, times, downtime, notes, fault causes, actions, and cost centres. For added security, customer, engineer and a configurable third signatures can optionally be required at sign off. QR, Barcodes and RDIF tags are also supported.

Mobile Pro Stock

Mobile Pro Stock puts the ShireSystem stock functionality on a mobile device, allowing you to manage your stock from anywhere. Stock items can be received into stores, stocktakes can be performed and parts can be issued to work orders, people, subjects, or cost centres. Viewing transaction history has never been easier.

Mobile Pro Data Collector

The Mobile Pro Data Collector feature allows for quick and accurate creation of new assets, movements and locations by detailing codes, descriptions, categories, locations, models, serial numbers, priority, and security details. Perfect for those who need to keep track of movable assets, like hospital beds, rigs or portable assets shared between sites.

Choose the best option for you or your business

ShireSystem Mobile Pro

Mobile Pro is an intuitive CAFM/CMMS app that enables teams to manage and maintain assets and resources on the go.

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The Mobile Pro app is now available to download providing you have purchased relevant licences and are on ShireSystem software version 3.2.6. or later.

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The ShireSystem support package includes technical, installation and activation support, access to our help desk, web-based tutorials, and forums to ensure you get the most from your software.