Permit To Work is a powerful extension to the simple to use maintenance and work order features of ShireSystem and allows an administrator to determine how mobile workforces should operate when undertaking planned preventative or reactive maintenance work. The easy to set-up library can be used to cover industry standard permits such as Hot Works, Electrical Works, Work at Height and many more. The pre-permit capability also allows for risk assessments to ensure that work cannot be started until adequate checks have been undertaken. A simple to use Risk Assessment process can also allow your workforce to instantly assess and provide feedback on whether an asset should be taken out of service.

The following describe the features that are key to understanding ShireSystem Permit to Work.

Single portal for scheduling work orders and associated permits

ShireSystem uses a standard web browser interface to allow you to authenticate securely and log-in to your account from where you can manage your asset maintenance and facility management needs. This means that instead of having systems for maintenance facilities, permits and risk assessments; you can rely on ShireSystem to consolidate everything into a single easy to use and comprehensive user interface.

Centralised library of permits readily available

ShireSystem allows you to create as many Permits as you need. Each Permit can be carefully crafted to ask as many questions as you require, with each question having the ability to be “weighted” in order to align with RAMS risk assessments where needed – ensuring your Permits represent your Health & Safety needs as well as your business flows. All your Permits are held in a single library for easy attachment to your Work Order and we can help you share Permits between your sites.

Fully customisable Q&A process to build permits for your business

Some ePermit solutions and also paper based solutions don’t offer the ability to tailor your Permits to your method of working. With ShireSystem’s Permit To Work solution you have the possibility to have as many questions with as many answers required. Each question and answer set can be crafted in a way that makes it familiar to your employees / contractors. In addition, you can also use the Permits as a way of providing instructions and guidance. This ensures simple adoption within the workforce and reduces the training needs as well as potential for errors.

ShireSystem PTW Photographs

Ability to add photograph's as auditable evidence

Auditability as part of a regulatory or health & safety compliance requirement is an increasing requirement for many of our customers across a broad range of industries. Permit To Work allows you to request for photo evidence that a job has been completed before a Permit can be closed.

Removes need for costly (and eco-unfriendly) paperwork processes

The move towards underpinning green credentials and eco-values of a company is increasingly mandated by shareholders and Boards. By combining Permits with the existing workflows and Work Order management processes of ShireSystem, a company can follow the path of digital transformation by removing not only the paperwork administration requirements – but also the paperwork itself.

ShireSystem PTW Multi Signature

Auditable multi-signature acceptance process

Responsibility and auditability is increasingly required at the point of execution, hence ShireSystem provides the workforce with the ability to not only sign the Permit, but also to add additional layers of sign-off for supervisors and/or management. This is proving extremely important when combined with the RAMS risk assessment capabilities of ShireSystem’s Permit To Work module.

Ability to add permits to “Assets” and “Locations”

Allows you to reduce the risk across the workflow, by ensuring the permit relevant to the work being carried out is always automatically issued to the Work Order. This greater control is essential to ensure the safety of the workforce, eliminating the potential for human error and hugely reducing the administration overheads. In addition, multi-national organisations can tailor permits by region and territory to ensure compliance with local legislation. Target [high risk] Assets or Locations with specialist permits that contain detailed instructions and risk assessments, and have proof that this information has been read and the risks accepted before any Work Order is started.

Ability to add permits to “Work Types” and “Tasks”

This feature represents the same benefits as adding permits to Assets and Locations, this hugely reduces the administration overheads and risks. Furthermore, it allows permits to be automatically issued to your Planned Maintenance work, without any human intervention.