Embedded on your website, Staircon Online Designer lets your customers create their own staircase online, choosing from your product range of staircase styles. Various design options can be easily selected and displayed in 3D. It’s easy for your customer to get in touch and ask for an exact quote – or if you choose to – see the price for the stair directly.

Put your customer in control of design

The input parameters are kept simple so that anyone can create a stair. Various design options, such as stair design model, material and finish can be easily selected and are displayed in 3D. Measurement of floor height and staircase shapes can easily be adjusted from a number of predefined stair geometries.

Reduced sales time with online RFQ feature

The customer can easily send a request for quote (RFQ). Staircon Online Designer account holders then receive a project file they can import to Staircon CAD – ready to be edited and manufactured. When used in combination with the add-on pricing module the price of the chosen design can be displayed on screen saving time for your sales staff.

Compatible modules to extend the functionality of Staircon Online Designer:

Edit database

The power of software can only be experienced if it is tailored to your own needs and methods. With this add-on module the database can be accessed and edited continuously by the user. All of this can of course be adjusted individually in each project to meet specific customer requests.

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Calculate price of the stair with the push of a button. The price is set for the stair details and can be configured to relate to material, detail type/model etc. The price is separated into two; one for the stair detail and one for applying finish to it.

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Choose the best option for your business

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Staircon Online Designer is SaaS/cloud hosted, giving access from multiple platforms.

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