With Staircon Sales you can create stair designs, manage construction, view the project in 3D and generate documentation with project properties as well as scaled drawings of plan view, side view and a 3D view to provide realistic visualisations of the end product.

Quick design

Stair construction is made easy with pre-defined stair shapes and a customised design model database. The staircase is designed in three views and surrounding walls, windows and doors can also be visualised. There is no limitation to the number of stairs, floors or stairwells that can be designed in one single project. Dimensioning can be done automatically and/or manually.

Flexible design features

Staircon has advanced flexible design possibilities for staircase, floor openings and walls.

Key design features

Documentation creation

Check the stairs’ compliance to chosen building regulations and generate documentation with project properties as well as scaled drawings of plan, side and 3D view.

Compatible modules to extend the functionality of Staircon Sales:

Export 3D

Let your customer see the staircase they envision, send them the 3D file. The exported 3D file can be sent to the customer for viewing, which is a alternative superior to showing the stair with still images. This has been a much appreciated sales tool for Staircon users.

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Edit database

The power of Staircon software can only be experienced if it is tailored to your own needs and methods. With this add-on module the database can be accessed and edited continuously by the user. All of this can of course be adjusted individually in each project to meet specific customer requests.

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Calculate the price of the stair with the push of a button. The price is set for the stair details and can be configured to relate to material, detail type/model etc. The price is separated into two: one for the stair detail and one for applying finish to it.

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Choose the best option for your business

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Subscription licence

Staircon Sales is SaaS/cloud hosted, giving access from multiple platforms.

Book demo

Book a one-to-one demo with one of our experts so you can see the software in action and ask questions to see if it is the right choice for your needs.