Permit to Work module

Permit To Work is a powerful extension to the simple to use maintenance and work order features of ShireSystem and allows an administrator to determine how mobile workforces should operate when undertaking planned preventative or reactive maintenance work. The easy to set-up library can be used to cover industry standard permits such as Hot Works, Electrical Works, Work at Height and many more. The pre-permit capability also allows for risk assessments to ensure that work cannot be started until adequate check have been undertaken. A simple to use Risk Assessment process can also allow your workforce to instantly assess and provide feedback on whether an asset should be taken out of service.

The software maintains a full history of purchases which may be analysed to give essential information on suppliers, prices and cost breakdown. Key features include:

  • Single portal for scheduling work orders and associated permits
  • Centralised library of permits readily available
  • Fully customisable Q&A process to build permits for your business
  • Ability to add photograph’s as auditable evidence
  • Removes need for costly (and eco-unfriendly) paperwork processes
  • Auditable multi-signature acceptance process



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