Purchasing module

This module controls both internal requisitions and external purchase orders placed with suppliers. Purchase costs can be allocated to specific cost centres and when used in conjunction with ShireSystem Maintenance Management module, to work orders, assets, locations, or contacts.

Multi-user purchase requests and multi-supplier quotations can be created, automatic reordering allows stock replenishment orders to be created automatically and detailed reporting provides visibility of the entire process, including non-reconciliation, unpaid and un-invoiced orders.

The software maintains a full history of purchases which may be analysed to give essential information on suppliers, prices and cost breakdown. Key features include:

  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase requests (including multiuser requests)
  • Quotations requests (including multi supplier quotations)
  • Purchase order approval (multi-currency, order limits, weekly and monthly limits)
  • Receipts, returns, credits, non-stock purchases
  • Invoicing
  • Automatic reordering
  • Email notifications
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Export to Excel



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