Stock and Inventory module

This module is a specialist materials management tool to facilitate the management of stock and critical spares to ensure optimal stock levels are maintained. Users can organise, monitor, and control movement at each stage of the receipt, issue, storage and return cycle whilst maintaining quality compliance.

The module enables processing of periodic and rolling stocktakes, as well as control of serialised and perishable items prior to issue. Additional features include:

  • Detailed parts catalogue
  • Receive deliveries
  • Issue to work orders, assets, contacts, locations and cost centres
  • Return parts
  • Adjustments
  • Write-off
  • Stocktake
  • Suppliers directory
  • Parts for jobs and reorder
  • Multi supplier/currencies
  • Stock movement and valuation reports
  • Pareto analysis and usage reports
  • Hazard and COSHH warnings

The module can be run independently, or in conjunction with the ShireSystem Maintenance Management module which allows projected stock quantities to be calculated based on planned future work.

If used in conjunction with ShireSystem Purchasing module, automatic reordering can be used to seamlessly replenish stock.



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