Wallboard module

Wallboard is a powerful way to visually share relevant, actionable data for your contractors, facilities and main-tenance teams. Wallboard, run in conjunction with the Resource Planner module, gives an up-to-date view of outstanding activities, it can help you analyse leading performance indicators.

You can access Wallboard through any regular browser or internet enabled TV so it can be widely displayed across various locations to keep key stakeholders fully aware of all activities wherever they are based. Wallboard is highly configurable: the display consists of individual tabs to allow you to focus on specific locations, work types, businesses, contractors etc.

The tabs can be set to rotate as required. You can create individual wallboards for shifts, teams or groups of contractors with user tiles. Tiles allow you to see the current activity of each engineer, their outstanding work or next job, and anything they currently have on hold. Wallboards help you to compare performance or spot underutilised staff and direct them to assist other colleagues. Images are used to make it easier to visualise larger teams.


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