Work Requester module

A Work Request is simply a method by which to request actions against an asset, contact, client, or location. This module is an efficient, cost-effective tool, permitting users to submit and track work requests to the maintenance team. Users enter minimal information to create a valid request – who, where, when.

The module will also assume specific defaults thus permitting swift submission of the request. Requester information will be preserved in the resulting work order and requesters can monitor the status of their submissions as well as any updates. Once submitted and approved, requests can be escalated to work orders using the module.

The module enables authorised users to ‘claim’ a work request, by-passing the usual approval process. This controlled function is also available to mobile users. Key features include:

  • Simple request entry of ‘who, where, what’ information
  • Images to support request
  • Unlimited user licences
  • Escalate requests through to approved Work Orders
  • ‘Claim’ function to bypass approval process
  • Facilitates breakdown reporting
  • Automatic emailing of work request status change

Work Requester carries an unlimited-user licence. This means that you can give access to as many people in your organisation as you like at no additional cost. The fully responsive requester can be used on any size screen, images can be added by requesters and required mandatory fields configured.



Email the team  +44 (0) 23 8022 4111