Edit database

The power of Staircon software can only be experienced if it is tailored to your own needs and methods. With this add-on module the database can be accessed and edited continuously by the user. All of this can of course be adjusted individually in each project to meet specific customer requests. Examples of data:

  • Stair model: The model has predefined settings for the construction and production methods, for example step distribution, type of posts and balusters, thickness of strings and steps etc.
  • Stair parts:  Posts, balusters, strings with 3D description files as optional.
  • Material and finish: Different wooden materials, other materials such as steel, different finishes.
  • Profile and nosings (Profile ID) carries information to Staircon CAM about how the machining will be made.


Staircon Stair Parts - General by Staircon on Sketchfab