Statcon Connections

Statcon Connections is used for the design of wood and steel gusset connections for joints using nails, screws, bolts or dowels. Connectors and gussets as well as the elements are checked according to relevant code. Joints are easy to model and edit with Statcon’s effective guides and editing tools. Features include:

Joints are easy to create and edit with the effective guides and editing tools.

Loads are specified for each element and support. If wanted, multiple load cases can be easily designed. Statcon helps keep the forces in the joint in balance. If the joint is unbalanced, the user is notified of this.

Connector layout
Statcon positions connectors according to the rules for edge, end, and mutual distance according to the current code. This can be done automatically or manually.

Gussets can be shaped automatically or manually drawn. Select between outside or slotted gussets. The steel gussets are analysed with FE, while wooden gussets are validated with standard code checks.

Joints can be exported to CAD software via DXF.

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