Post & Beams

Statcon Post and Beams enables users to design several different element applications such as roof elements, floor joists, lintels, posts and columns. Developed using the latest technology, the version was created to make it easier to design Eurocode-compliant timber or steel post and beam structures. Statcon also supports load transfer across items within a project. The software also offers design checks to joist hangers as well as splice connections and layup protection plates. Features include:

Ability to design with multiple materials and cross sections
Statcon Post & Beams supports design of wood, glulam, LVL, l-beam and steel profiles according to the specified code. Currently Statcon handles IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM, UNP, UPE, KKR, VKR, circular pipes and rods. Supported I-beams are Masonite, Ranti and Hunton.

Supports special elements
The software also supports some special elements such as tapered beams (mono and double) and Gerber brackets.

Easy load input
Enter the building site, building type and dimensions and Statcon will automatically find snow and wind loads for the current site. Load combinations, for the current national annex, are created dynamically based on the specified loads. Extra point and line loads can be added. Statcon also offers dynamic load transfer between elements in a project.

Vibration check
Statcon performs a vibration check on wood-based floor joists.

Hangers and Gerber brackets
Elements can be connected with hangers and spliced with Gerber brackets or a custom nailing plate or a wooden gusset. Design check is done according to the supplier ETA.

Contact plate
In case of too high contact pressure perpendicular to grain the beam can be reinforced with a contact plate. The plate is designed and will spread the contact force on a larger surface, and this will reduce the strain on both support and element.

Notches and holes
Possibility to add notch at support and holes. Holes can be reinforced with plywood or self-drilling screws.

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