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LP Entreprenad combines software to go from ‘hoping’ to ‘knowing’*


Niclas Peterson, Operation Manager at LP Entreprenad in Gothenburg, is convinced that digitisation brings a lot of benefits. But at the same time he is realistic. Even though it’s the right way forward it’s not necessarily an easy switch to make from using Bidcon to then using Powerproject LP Entreprenad is seeing benefits all round. For Niclas, using Powerproject means that he can go from ‘hoping’ to ‘knowing’.

“Once the estimation is finished in Bidcon you can transfer it to a schedule in Powerproject were you can period the work, meaning that you each week are able to read how much the resources cost and compare that to how much work that has been done. If you do this correctly, you will have a clear view of the current situation. Without this kind of tool you would have no idea. Without Powerproject I would have to wait until the last nail is wrapped and all the bills are paid the and just hope the end result will be good. But by becoming aware of how to proceed, you got the chance to adjust and find solutions before it’s too late. The project planning tools are also about facilitating for those who work in the project, and allowing the technology to give everyone the same prerequisites to succeed, says Niclas.”

A common progression within the industry is for people in production to eventually get the responsibility to estimate. But the professionalism in production has very little to do with economics. Leading jobs and projects, on the other hand, is almost exclusively economical. So by making the projects more clear and making it easier to connect effort against money visually, the software is also an educational tool – which is very important.

Although LP Entreprenad has come a long way in the use of IT tools, Niclas wants to see even more harmonisation and digital steps within the industry:

“I hope that we’ll in the future, with the help of GPSs and sensors will get the ultimate feedback directly from the machines, so that we can use and update the reality in our estimations and timetables. Unfortunately, it’s still too difficult to measure reality and there are so many parameters that matter.”

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