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Calibre, consistency and competitive pricing are key to success for Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems

Framing customer - (c) Mactaggart and Mickel Timber Systems - Housing Kits Erected on Site

Mactaggart & Mickel Timber Systems Ltd. designs, manufactures and installs the full timber frame, including open and closed panels, floor cassettes, stairs, roof trusses and canopies. The company adopted Framing software from Elecosoft as its solution to support design and manufacturing of timber frame elements.

Design Manager Colin Alexander, who has been working in the timber frame sector for many years explained:

“We have been using Framing software ever since the business was established in 2007, since it was the software of reference for timber frame manufacturing.”

The use of software has replaced slow, manual design and paper-based production management processes with more controllable automatic ones. Colin believes:

“Working without Framing software would be challenging and largely unfeasible. We can process much more design output using the software than we could do on a drawing board – plus, manual designs issued to the factory could not program our machinery. It would be hugely inefficient, and there is always the potential for human error.”

Framing software supports essential production processes and the management team has no qualms about its contribution. Stuart said that:

The cost of the Framing software, compared to what it does for us in terms of delivering the saving on production time, is great value for money.

Colin, as design leader, is very involved with the use of Framing, and appreciates it for other reasons:

“I carry out all training of new designers using the Framing software, and I always know that if there are any problems with the software that the customer support from Elecosoft is exceptional – there’s always somebody there to help.”

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