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Digital collaboration via IconSystem, helps Prosper and its client achieve outstanding results


Prosper’s client in the retail sector is fast growing and continues to add more bricks and mortar stores to their portfolio. The expansion, while exciting for the business, created challenges in store design specification and data management with disparate information systems used by many external parties across the globe.

The Challenge

Prosper was searching for software that offers a central repository platform for the architectural specifications and standards they produced and would be accessible by both themselves and it’s client. Traditionally, all the specification and standard data produced by Prosper for the retail brand was saved in multiple locations which made it difficult to access quickly when required by both parties. The need to obtain single and accurate information to ensure brand consistency became crucial and led to Prosper’s association with Elecosoft.

With its seamless integration, Elecosoft’s IconSystem solution provided the client with the ‘best in class’ industry tool for producing new store specifications. This would ensure projects were delivered to the correct specification first time, every time – an excellent proposition for repeat builds and refurbishment.

Sarah Davis, Associate Director at Prosper, says, “Before the IconSystem platform the store fit out Standard Details were paper-based and outdated. At Prosper, we maintained only 1 section of the Standard Details. We worked alongside other stakeholders all using a number of unconnected systems containing individual elements of the specification details required for the fit out of new and refurbished stores. The client challenged us to take control of these multiple sources of information and bring them together into one single system that could be easily accessed and managed by all. We at Prosper are now delighted to be managing the brand’s entire portfolio of Architectural Standard Details.”

The Solution

Elecosoft’s expertise in software technology combined with Prosper’s architectural and branding expertise presented a distinctive scenario to the client and offered them an end-to-end solution via the IconSystem, ultimately becoming the main specification management tool and a mobile digital specification library.
The portal stores:

  • Architectural and Construction details (front and back of the house)
  • Retail fixtures and equipment
  • Signage

It simplifies how information can be accessed across all areas and can be cross referenced in real time.
IconSystem stores only one version of the truth for all of their specifications. The solution houses all architectural design, specification, policy and branding requirements allowing them to be shared and communicated internally and externally. The software enables an easy storage of CAD/ BIM drawings on a central platform clearly indicating who is responsible for the data generated, resulting in better management of the project.
This means that every detail relating to construction items, supplies, equipment, lighting, engineering and mechanical systems, is accurately stored and readily available to the teams.

The Game Changer

As the construction profession collects more and more real-time data and as collaborative software tools become widely adopted, decision making will improve resulting in enhanced project margins and productivity.
This collaboration is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. From the perspective of:

  • Client: They now have a tool that allows their specifications to be managed centrally, with only one version of the truth
  • Prosper: They were able to enhance their offering to the client, positioning them as a forward-thinking, open-minded and an innovative company. A firm which is not afraid to collaborate with other companies to deliver better results and positions them ahead of other architectural firms.
  • Elecosoft: Working alongside Prosper has enhanced the company’s client base and opened doors for further alliances making the best use of CDE and software tools.

The success of this collaboration was recently recognised by The Architects Journal where the project was shortlisted for the finals in the technology sector

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