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Karpiuk Design renovates upwards, designing new loft apartment

Arcon Evo®
Loft visualisation

KarpiukDesign in Poland specialise in 3D interior and furniture visualisations, Paul Karpiuk’s client wanted to redevelop a large four-floor house to create a new loft apartment in the property. The design brief focused on creating a new independent living space on the top floor and changing the existing dark and narrow staircase into a more inviting, bright one.

All details of the existing staircase were reconstructed and the new ideas applied using Arcon. This allowed Karpuik’s customer to see different angles, new metal handrail options and add specially designed wall lamps before committing to purchase. The ease of use allows the end user to change colours and materials virtually, saving time and money during the build phase.

“Using Arcon, the existing staircase was reconstructed and the new design ideas applied. My customer was really pleased to see different options on screen from flooring angles, to a new metal handrail and a specially designed wall lamp all in place before committing to any material costs. They could also change colours and materials in order create a final design for their new loft.”

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