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MiCiM Ltd reduces project planning and reporting time by 20% using Asta solutions

Asta Powerproject®

MiCiM Ltd (Mission-Critical Management) provides end-to-end project management and construction delivery services in the UK. The company has leveraged the combined power of Asta Powerproject, Asta Vision and Asta Powerproject 4D to improve the visualisation, coordination and accuracy of its programmes to deliver exceptional blue-chip construction projects.

Asta solutions have enabled MiCiM to:

  • Reduce reporting time by 20% per project
  • Reduce planning time by 20% per project
  • Increase programme consistency and integrity scores by around 10% per project

Finding a robust platform for managing end-to-end projects

Since MiCiM was founded in 2016, the company’s goal has been to provide best-in-class programme production, management, controls and project reporting.

Early on, MiCiM’s leadership team recognised that market-leading planning and project management software would be essential to deliver its end-to-end services to a high standard.

After extensive research into the features, strengths and limitations of all construction planning software available on the market, MiCiM chose Asta Powerproject to run its client programmes.

“After researching all software options, MiCiM preferred Asta Powerproject because it offers robust planning and scheduling features, an intuitive interface, and high levels of flexibility.” Bengisu Uygur, Planning Manager, MiCiM

MiCiM found that Asta Powerproject excelled in six key areas compared to rival programme management systems. These were:

  1. Intuitive interface: Asta Powerproject is easy to use, so MiCiM felt confident its teams could get up to speed quickly.
  2. Robust functionality: Asta Powerproject offers a wide range of planning and scheduling functionality and can handle even the most complex projects.
  3. Flexibility: Asta Powerproject offers a range of customisation options, so MiCiM’s users can tailor the software to their specific needs.
  4. Easy collaboration: Asta Powerproject has strong collaboration features, enabling MiCiM to share project data and communicate with team members in real-time.
  5. Support and training: MiCiM was impressed by the comprehensive training courses, online resources and technical support available to their workforce when needed.
  6. Risk management: Asta Powerproject’s built-in risk management feature allows project managers to identify and mitigate potential risks. MiCiM knew this would help its project teams to stay on track and avoid delays or cost overruns.

Taking a consistent approach to programme management

MiCiM’s early investment in Asta Powerproject enabled the company to build collaborative working processes with clients, professional teams and trade contractors.

Planning Managers like Bengisu use the software’s scheduling capabilities to take a hands-on approach – providing experienced input on planning, contractor management and quality control. But, more importantly, Asta Powerproject has enabled MiCiM to ensure this end-to-end service is bespoke to the needs of each client.

“MiCiM combines extensive engineering and construction know-how with the latest technology to implement pragmatic solutions, and Asta Powerproject is central to the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.”

MiCiM’s planning managers have created a standardised digital template to build predictable, well-structured and correctly sequenced programmes. This template ensures that all projects are managed consistently.

Adding real-time reporting software

In addition to standard Asta Powerproject software, MiCiM has also invested in Asta Vision to keep track of projects across its growing customer base.

“As our number of projects and employees increased, we needed to consolidate programme management onto a single platform. Asta Vision gives us greater transparency and control across all projects, ensuring consistent quality and efficient management.”

  • Investing in Asta Vision has enabled MiCiM to:
  • Centralise project data and automate planning and scheduling
  • Achieve complete visibility of its entire programme portfolio from any location
  • Standardise programme management models
  • Ensure project teams are always working from up to date information
  • Securely record a full history of programme changes

Asta Vision has also allowed MiCiM’s project teams to enhance data governance, simplify workflows and approvals, increasing overall productivity.

“With Asta Powerproject Vision, we have end-to-end visibility of project changes and progress. As a result, we can easily make and sync changes to ensure that our teams never work in isolation again.”

The Business Intelligence (BI) functionality within Asta Vision has also enabled MiCiM to automate reporting, so planning and project managers can access up-to-date insights and performance visibility whenever they need.

Previously, MiCiM’s planning managers created their own reports, which involved considerable time and effort. These reports also varied in their content.

Now, teams have immediate access to project progress, costs and resourcing insights, so they can make data-driven decisions while still following a standardised reporting procedure.

“MiCiM can now produce BI reports using live, unambiguous project data that is visible 24/7 to anyone and is just one click away.”

Exploring the potential of 4D planning

With Asta Powerproject and Asta Vision working successfully, MiCiM’s most recent investment has been onboarding Asta Powerproject 4D to kick-start its 4D planning journey.

The company was apprehensive about introducing 4D capabilities due to its limited planning resources. MiCiM’s planning managers were already busy with day-to-day operations, and the company feared that incorporating 4D planning would be a complex and time-consuming process.

MiCiM’s leadership team was also concerned about the financial burden of 4D implementation. They did not want a solution with high implementation costs or involved expensive technical integrations and long-term training.

Thankfully, MiCiM chose Asta Powerproject 4D, which integrates with Asta Powerproject, so no separate software is required to offer 4D planning.

“Asta Powerproject 4D’s features and capabilities align well with our needs. Its competitive pricing and good customer support and training made it more attractive than other companies’ BIM modules.”

Using Asta Powerproject 4D, MiCiM can provide visual programme representations to project teams to enhance stakeholder communication and collaboration. In addition, 4D planning helps programme managers to accurately schedule and allocate resources, preventing clashes and driving more effective working processes.

Saving time and improving customer satisfaction

By investing in Asta Powerproject, Asta Vision and Asta Powerproject 4D, MiCiM has been able to automate planning and scheduling, optimise workflows, unify project data and use real-time insights to make faster, informed decisions. These changes have delivered significant, tangible improvements for the company, including:

  • 20% reduction in planning time (saving around 16 hours per week)
  • 20% reduction in reporting time (saving about eight hours per week)
  • 10% average increase in programme consistency and integrity

“Together, Asta Powerproject, Asta Vision and Asta Powerproject 4D have given us improved visualisation, better coordination, increased accuracy and stronger communications. This has helped us to improve project outcomes and on-time, on-budget delivery.”

Continuing to innovate

MiCiM is still a relatively young company with big ambitions to match. The planning department’s slogan is ‘bringing intelligence through digital innovation’, and Asta technology will continue to help it push the envelope.

Going forward, the company is interested in exploring the capabilities of Asta Connect to prioritise projects, manage risks and provide more report options for informed decisions.

MiCiM would also like to roll out Asta Site Progress to its teams to provide app-based updates that enhance communications and eliminate errors and delays.

The power behind successful projects: book a free demo to experience Asta Powerproject, Asta Vision and Asta Powerproject 4D.

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