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Skanska use Asta Enterprise to better manage resourcing and reporting

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The business of highways maintenance and street lighting management requires its planners to keep a very tight handle on all the different jobs that may be running simultaneously – but it also involves a high degree of repetitive work. To support this the Chief Planner, Graham Roebuck, and his team utilise the multi-user and multi-project functionality of Asta Enterprise. Is Asta Powerproject something that Graham values? His answer is unequivocal:

“Asta Enterprise is my preference for project and programme management. I have been using it for over 15 years, and I find it easier to use than alternatives.”

The division uses Asta Enterprise to enable and empower staff at different levels and with different specialisms. They have 20 concurrent licenses at present, but they have over 100 potential users in all. The software is mostly used by designers and project managers, each of whom update progress on their own programmes.

“It has changed the culture and driven greater engagement and accountability which is helping us monitor progress – and that’s why it’s been so successful.”

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