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Enabling freedom and flexibility for the Timber Design Studio in the Middle East

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Luke Walker is an experienced freelance timber building designer with more than a decade of professional design expertise. He now runs the Timber Design Studio, a successful independent design consultancy based in Dubai, UAE. It delivers projects for numerous UK based timber manufacturers and works on behalf of ambitious self builders.

A traditional training background in timber manufacturing design gave Luke an enviable set of design capabilities and skills. When his satisfaction with the standard working environment waned, he became convinced that he could successfully deliver his services from anywhere.

He took a leap of faith, equipping himself with the best essential resources available. Among those, he chose Framing software from Elecosoft. His path led him to Dubai, where now he spends most of each day working within Framing, using it on every project across his client base in the UK and elsewhere. Framing is Luke’s default working environment, as he explained:

“I’m in the Framing software all day. It’s the first thing I open when I get to the computer… It’s the only programme I need to do my job.”

The precision of Framing enables Luke to set anything between 50 and 100 specific settings for each customer. The detail it enables is something that Luke values highly:

“The software is simply invaluable. With timber frame there is a lot to consider. Tiny details make a huge difference, and the time and cost of getting those rights can be a big factor. Taking those concerns away means I can focus on the design and know I will meet their standards.”

With Framing such a critical enabling element, Luke relies very much on accessing good support when it is needed – and he has no concerns about that whatsoever. He said:

“The absolute best thing about Framing is the people supporting it. Having Elecosoft’s support guys on the end of the line, for technical issues or when I can’t find something, or don’t know how to do something. Just five minutes on the phone, and it’s sorted. If I had to go through endless phone calls or search around trying to find the right person to help, it would be very hard work.”

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