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TKstairs takes business to new heights with the support of Staircon, UK


TKstairs is one of the UK’s leading staircase manufacturers, now manufacturing more than 100 staircases per week and delivering throughout the UK from its state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing facility near Hull.

TKstairs is a family business. Tom Parsons joined his father Kevin in the business more than a decade ago and has been a key player in the company’s digital transformation. The company has embraced CNC manufacturing and can now produce at a level, speed and quality that would not be possible via traditional joinery methods. He told us:

“We chose Staircon because it produced the best 3D visualisations compared to other tools we reviewed at the time.”

Tom was the first trained user, and has since trained numerous colleagues on the system. Today the software is integrated into the whole business process.

Staircon helps TK Stairs manufacture all its components accurately.

“We have four CNC machines running full-time, and all of them generate staircase components using Staircon CAM. After that they can be put together and sent out, without any issues.”

With Staircon the company can also minimise cost and waste. When it processes the stair details into production data, the software can help assure maximum usage of the materials required: “Staircon helps us to minimise waste, by telling us the size of the piece of timber we will need and generating a cutting list that is the most efficient way to use that timber. That’s good for us in terms of cost, and is great for the environment.

Flexible, future proof stair design. Book a free demo to explore the capabilities of Staircon by Elecosoft.

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