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Predicting problems during the estimation phase for Veitech

construction worker using tablet on site

Veitech has a dedicated calculation department that manages all installation areas (electricity, heating and sanitation, ventilation, cooling, sprinkler, fire and safety, automation and energy) and the company works as integrated with other departments as possible just because they see the projects as a whole, instead of a chain of separate processes.

Traditionally, Calculators were relied on to be predictors of significant risk putting a lot of responsibility into one person’s hands when making bids and calculations. Identifying which parts of a project will be the most difficult or costly needs to be taken into account during estimation phase, this is where Bidcon helps predict these issues as all new projects pose new risks.

“When entering a new project, you know nothing about it and everything is really a huge risk. However, as your insight into the project deepens you can make more reliable assessments. At the same time, you have to make sure not to get stuck in technical details that can consume much of your time, and that in the end is without any real economic importance or purpose.” Patrik Gustafsson, plumbing calculator at Veitech

Veidekke Group, is working to change the installation industry with new technology and to see installations in a construction project as a whole. Patrik finds value in using Bidcon every day since switching the software for his estimations, from Tenwin to Bidcon.

Bidcon lets me easily sort, group and build up estimations in a better way than in other software…the intuitive functionality is incredibly important since the projects change over time. You make a first calculation on one basis, then you get new documents and make new calculations and want to monitor where the changes in cost are. Then you can structure and group your calculations in a clear way, this saves you a lot of time and helps you make better assessments.”

Generate accurate cost estimates, contact us for a demo of Bidcon by Elecosoft.

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