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Driving growth for Woodbase Joiners in the UK

Staircase example

Woodbase Joiners Ltd. is a traditional joinery business in the UK, which has successfully blended craft knowledge with modern technology to gain business benefits and drive its growth. Managing Director, Simon Bartlett, and co-founder, Richard Blackman, invested for the future a decade ago. After much deliberation, and significant research, they chose a Maka PE70 5-axis CNC router and Staircon.

“Today, this combination keeps the company busy constantly, delivering top quality, bespoke staircases for customers that include architects, interior designers, developers, and private clients” says Simon.

Woodbase Joiners invested in its digital capability before the last recession in 2008, and has never regretted it. Choosing the right machine was important:

“selecting the right software was key to making the new processes work.” agrees Richard.

For the past 30 years Woodbase Joiners has delivered high quality doors, windows and staircases to customers across the South East of England. Today, its staircase business is thriving. Since 2010 they have used Staircon software to design and produce bespoke staircases in conjunction with advanced 5-axis CNC machine capabilities. This combination has delivered competitive advantages in ease of design, quality, precision, and production speed, and in assuring an excellent customer experience.

Flexible, future proof stair design. Book a free demo to explore the capabilities of Staircon by Elecosoft.

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