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Back to basics with Powerproject

Course description
This series of online two-hour, bite sized courses are ideal if you are short on time. Useful for new Powerproject users or for existing users to refresh knowledge in specific areas of the software. Each lesson lasts two hours and you can interact directly with the trainer to ask questions. Follow up exercises are issued and can be returned to the tutor to receive certification and CPD accreditation.

Date Modality
5 July Online Enquire now
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6 July Online Enquire now
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7 July Online Enquire now
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12 July Online Enquire now
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13 July Online Enquire now
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14 July Online Enquire now
Topics include
Lesson 1 – Creating a project
  • Using templates
  • Understanding calendars
  • Creating tasks
  • Linking
  • Calculating the critical path
  • Using contraints


Lesson 2 – Adding details to the project
  • Structuring a project using summaries
  • Structuring a project using expanded tasks
  • Using hammock tasks for prelims
  • Using buffer tasks to protect critical dates
  • Using task pools to aid project creation
  • Setting unique task ID’s
  • Using code libraries


Lesson 3 – Reporting and presentation
  • Bar chart formatting
  • Date zone formatting
  • Editing the table
  • Filters and sorts
  • Working with views
  • Printing with borders


Lesson 4 – Updating progress
  • Using baselines
  • Creating progress periods
  • Updating progress
  • Tracking and reporting change


Lesson 5 – Creating a cost loaded project
  • Creating cost centres
  • Allocating cost or income to tasks
  • Reporting cost information in the table
  • CBS views
  • Display cash flow histograms


Lesson 6 – Creating a resource loaded project
  • Creating resource libraries
  • Resource modelling
  • Allocating resources
  • RBS view
  • Displaying resource histograms

At the end of the courses, delegates will be updated on the features and capabilities of Powerproject and be knowledgeable in specific areas of the software.

Those who require a refresher or are new to Powerproject.

A basic level of PC use and knowledge of Windows OS. Each delegate will work at a computer for the duration of the course.

CPD accreditation
2 hours per course

Need a fully customised training course?

We can run training courses that are customised to your specific requirements. The training can be based on your own templates and the course notes tailored to reflect the way you run projects.