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Introduction to Framing and Flooring modules

Course description
This is a three-day course designed to introduce new users to the general functionality contained within the Flooring module of the Framing software. This course illustrates the basic functions and how to use them. Users will start from a blank screen and follow through the basic functionality that is required in order to produce a model for both aspects. The course that runs at a pace which allows time for practical exercises and questions.

Date Modality
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Topics include
Frames Flooring and cassettes
  • The user interface
  • Setting up the software
  • Drawing frames
  • Adding openings
  • Inserting/editing plates
  • Adding components to the frame
  • Frame editing
  • Adding roof plane trusses
  • Generating output
  • Introduction to flooring and cassettes
  • Drawing floor timbers
  • Adding additional timbers to cassettes
  • Splitting cassettes
  • Editing drawn cassettes
  • Editing floor timbers
  • Adding decking to cassettes
  • Adding ancillary components
  • Renumbering cassettes
  • Creating pre-assembled joists
  • Generating output

At the end of the course, delegates will feel confident using the Framing flooring and frames module, understand how timber floor and frame models are created, edited and be able to generate manufacturing drawings and cutting lists.

Those who are new to framing and flooring module and need a full overview starting with the basics.

A good understanding of Framing software and the AutoCAD® application, a basic level of PC use and knowledge of Windows OS. Each delegate will work at a computer for the duration of the course.

CPD accreditation
N/A for this course.

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