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Satisfying NEC contract requirements using Powerproject

Course description
This is a one-day training course for users of Powerproject within a New Engineering Contract (NEC) contract. The course focuses on the way in which the Powerproject software satisfies the contract requirements not how the NEC contract should be implemented.

Date Modality
28 June Online Enquire now
16 July Online Enquire now
25 August Online Enquire now
Topics include
  • Understanding linking, float and critical path Working with ‘terminal float’
  • Dealing with time risk allowance baselines
  • Dealing with compensation events
  • Showing cost

At the end of the course, delegates will have – through the use of specific exercises and examples – an understanding of Powerproject that will satisfy the programme requirements of clause 31.2, clause 32.1 and compensation events in core clause 60.1 within an NEC contract.

Anyone who needs to use Powerproject within to support an NEC contract.

Delegates should be familiar users of Powerproject, who have ideally the Introduction to Powerproject course.

CPD accreditation
6 hours

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