Powerproject is a powerful project management tool that you can use to prioritise, plan and manage projects. Whether you are managing a small project or a programme of large, related projects, Powerproject gives you complete control, enabling you to make decisions based on the most up-to-date information. Whether you use Powerproject as a stand-alone project management solution or as a programme management solution used by any number of people, you always have access to the project information you need.

Powerproject’s easy-to-use graphical layout helps you plan your projects and access the information you need with ease. Its tight integration with Microsoft® Office products, with standard menus and toolbars, makes it easy to learn.

Powerproject simplifies resource and cost management, both within individual projects and across large programmes. Powerproject’s extensive reporting facilities enable you to extract the information you need from a project and direct it to the right people.

Despite its ease of use, Powerproject is a very powerful tool. You can configure Powerproject to work in a way that suits you, with customisable fields and industry standard OLE automation. You can interface Powerproject with external applications, manipulate your data, create reports and automate standard procedures to speed up processes.