Introduction to Project Viewer

Project Viewer is a read-only project viewing application which you can use to open and view projects that have been created in Asta Powerproject. If the project you open has been saved in Asta Powerproject 4D in PPV format, with its associated IFC model or IFC group model, the IFC model or IFC group model opens in Project Viewer when you open the project and you can use Project Viewer to view and navigate around the model. You can also print IFC models and IFC group models alongside your project plans.

If you use Asta Vision to store your projects in the Cloud, you can use Project Viewer to download copies of programmes – either the latest version or a specific version.

Project Viewer‘s easy-to-use graphical layout helps you to access the information you need with ease. Its tight integration with Microsoft® Office products, with standard menus and toolbars, makes it easy to learn.

Although you cannot edit projects using Project Viewer, you can move up and down the project hierarchy using the project view, so you can view projects to a fine level of detail.

If you want to upgrade Project Viewer to either Easyplan or Asta Powerproject, two products that enable you to edit the project plans you can view using Project Viewer, please contact Elecosoft.

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