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Planning techniques in Tilos for projects with schedule and distance

TilosAsta Powerproject®Webinar

The challenges of project planning on many infrastructure and maintenance projects (e.g. roads, railways, pipelines, etc.) depends not only on what things happen but also where they happen. The location is often a key driver in how the project needs to be organised and you need to understand and use the Time-Chainage technique.

Join our webinar to find out more. Our experienced presenter understands the challenges of construction planning and will show how, with TILOS, you can use the distance component to fully define the scope of work and plan in a new way. The webinar will cover:

  • The concepts and basics of Time-Chainage and Tilos
  • Creating a project plan using drag and drop functionality
  • Linking tasks with distance as a driver
  • Export and import to Excel, P6, Asta Powerproject, Microsoft Project
  • Baseline and progress
  • Mass-haul