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Create robust project schedules in minutes

Reduce time and cost risks by building robust schedules that deliver results in minutes not weeks. Start from scratch, first principles, or build schedules directly from a model to create thousands of tasks loaded with rationale.

Communicate effectively across teams

View, share and collaborate on project information with stakeholders in the format that works for them.

Make critical decisions in real time

Automatically access vital project data from anywhere so you can make informed decisions in real time.

  • Monitor key performance indicators across your entire portfolio
  • Drill down to specific details that need your attention
  • Configure your view based on what is important to your business.

Create consistency across your organisation

Define planning and project control standards to ensure organisational consistency and alignment with your delivery strategies.

Increase productivity on the job site

Improve productivity by onboarding trade partners early so everyone has the right information at the right time and can see exactly what is expected of them.

Reduce your IT overheads

Work directly in the cloud from anywhere with leading support in place to provide a secure and seamless working environment. No more after-hours backups, upgrades, or maintenance as we do all of these for you – allowing you to save time and your organisation to save money.

Automatically back your data up

Gain end-to-end visibility of project changes and progress and have peace of mind that data stored is accurate, backed up, and shared securely across your organisation.

Workflow digitalisation tailored to your needs

Take the work out of paper process and increase productivity, data integrity and innovation by connecting your planning workflows with other systems and processes within one platform.

Help when you need it

Quick response and resolution rates, self-service knowledge base, and tailored CPB certified training, supports you from your starting point to higher capability in a single ecosystem.

Supported by industry expertise

In-house industry expertise in planning can support your planning journey plus our services can support your skills growth and project success.

Delivering industry value continuously

With over 30 years of user feedback, join our growing network of users as we perfect planning and project controls by continuously evolving and improving the Asta platform based on what the industry needs. Find out more about the latest version of Asta Powerproject


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