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Construction scheduling software – MS Project versus Asta Powerproject

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Have you felt like your scheduling tool wasn’t built for construction? Well, Asta Powerproject is construction project management software built From the ground up for the construction industry, with feedback from the construction industry. Over the past 30 years, it has continually evolved as the industry has to make it the most intuitive-to-use, insightful, and powerful construction scheduling software available. That’s why more leading contractors and construction managers are switching from MS Project to Asta Powerproject.

In this webinar our experienced presenter reviews the challenges of scheduling in the industry and how the right software can help.

What will I gain from watching the recording?

  • Find out the top reasons firms consider switching from MS Project to Asta Powerproject, the better way to plan and manage all their projects.
  • See the construction scheduling tool taking the U.S. construction community by storm.
  • Learn for yourself how quickly you can create a robust, easy-to-manipulate construction schedule that actually helps you manage an ongoing project.

The speaker
Megan DePoty, your presenter. Prior to joining Elecosoft, Megan was a professional scheduler and project manager for both GCs and Specialty Contractors. She has planned projects using all the popular scheduling tools construction challenges. In her consulting capacity with Elecosoft, she supports a network of authorized Asta Powerproject Resellers delivering scheduling tools and services to contractors across the USA. Megan holds a Management from Colorado State University and is a Colorado native.

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